Self rage for the lack of pictures.

by limmie

I can’t start with G’day mate anymore.

Reached home a couple of hours ago thanks to delayed Uncle and the roundabouts we made in Marsiling.

Mum cannot turn the music off tonight.
All my useless stalking skills requires polishing or probably LEARNING.

Dead beat.
Refusing to sleep.
My phone irritates the shit out of me. My already small eyes will no doubt shrink.

Farting freely at home,

I have to go back to Aussie with everyone.
It is a HAVE TO.

Shall attempt to be awake tomorrow to get started with a NOTHING-BUT-BRISBANE POST.
The music still haz no died down.
My typing skill is highly affected.

see the carefree happy faces?
My frowns and GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Itz 424 Aussie time.

Just a few hours apart, I am really missing everyone.