200th post: And no dedication because we need this one minute to mark the end of my fruitful Brisbane trip

by limmie


   [uh-fek-shuhn]  noun


fond attachment, devotion, or love: the affection of a parentfor an only child.

Often, affections.


emotion; feeling; sentiment: over and above our reason and affections.

the emotional realm of love: a place in his affections.

Pathology . a disease, or the condition of being diseased;abnormal state of body or mind: a gouty affection.

the act of affecting; act of influencing or acting upon.

the state of being affected.
Either a wrong word was used or I should just go to sleep and stop thinking.
It IS day 13 already.
It IS 241AM right now.
Diyana IS close to asleep right now.
I forgo one of my favourite movies with some people for this.
Brain dead. Could not control one bottle today -treat it as celebration LOR-
Refusing to take panadol too because this would mean drowsyness which would mean I will have to sleep which also means I won’t get to breathe in more Brisbane Air.
Speaking of air, I am reminded of the City Cat – the mode of river transport I have been using here.
This is crazy. But this is the best school trip, with a capital ever.
Getting back to SG. Facing reality. As much as I don’t want to. I don’t have a choice, do I?
But I cannot imagine 6 months of close to no lessons.
6 months of facing new people.
6 months of facing a desk.
And after these 6 months comes the parting ways.
How can.
Really tired and sleepy right now. But. But. But.
This Darren horribly pointed out a fact today. Right in the air musuem crushing all my future.
Nah JAYKAY. Not so serious. (Crushed I am about the SUPER HIGH CHANCE OF getting to be a pilot *insert sarcasm* but no signs of giving up yet)
But he burst my bubble and made me deal -not just cope- (OKAY TOO MUCH HUMAN FACTOR LESSON) he made me admit that I do know nothing will come out of this.
D last words before bed was “To take one day as it is”.
Simple leh. But this panicky-worry freak- person here needs to plan her hours in advance. (I AM STILL WORRYING ABOUT THEM STUPID DRIVING)
Here we both were, brooding about our separate issues.
I will miss waking up to D.
Miss waking up early to report late downstairs.
Miss waking May up.
Already missing the sleepy lessons in Aviation Australia.
Miss seeing Yingcong chew his food likea rat.
And probable miss Ben’s flicking.
I will miss my classmates’ rubbish.
But not any of the 3 people who really got onto my nerves this entire trip.
Thinking of how to phrase some words out loud.
Easy for me to type, but as much as I wanted to SOL, i bit my tongue, held back my words, return to my room and get prepared to leave everything here tomorrow.
Left 1 shot on the camera. Saving it for today. It better be the best shot, I hope.
This cheerful undying appearance of mine needs a long sleep.
I detest all those uneasy feelings. all those not-knowing-what to do feelings. And it is time I learn how to CALM PEOPLE DOWN or stop being the in-between or really stop thinking too much now.
Dinner was partially ruined.
The ice cream probably made up a little.
7AM – time to get up tomorrow for hopefully the best breakfast.
it iz 305.
I am still refusing to sleep.
I want to stay in my dreamworld.
My bluddy guts need to flow for free.
I think I need a kangaroo.
Zoning out. I don’t want to think anymore.
*insert smiley face* At least there is a smiley yingcong around right now, a few doors down, with i-know-who.
The pros and cons of knowing somewhat some truth.
‘Like’ probably is the wrong word to associate with.
Don’t understanding my own gibberish too.
Lacking too much of sleep.
All because I want more Brisbane air.
Damn Damn Damn.