So they say, G’day Mate.

by limmie

Here I am in Brisbane right now.

Everyone’s asleep but thank gawd for May’s laptop.(I hope I dont overbust YC’s phone 3G and the room wifi! Itz only day 5)

I can’t type much because her keyboard quite noisy and my roomates are sleeping and D’s shuffling in the bed, I know i must be noisy.

OKAY, i change my mind.

I was initially all ready to head to bed after reporting one sentence here. But heck, my fingers cannot stop leh, even with a plaster spoiling my typing.

Weather here IS great, went for a run in the morning AT 6AM which looked like 7AM back home. YESSSSS the sky turns into 8PM(SG time) when it is only 6PM here , so the day feels VERY SHORT.

A little happenings going on. HO, but too bad it’s the wrong one.

Do I call this “Falling”? But I know it’s slowly but hard.

NAH DO NOT MISINTERPRET. I may have bought 50shades (it IS cheaper here SOOOO.)

OKAY, imma get up in 6 hours time to make omelette for everyone- 5 peepo -I am cool like this LEH.

OKAYY, D shuffling MORE, i have to stop.

GOODnight everyone – nice to have seen my family!

damndamndamn what will get out of this trip , other then completing one term of HF.