All my life, I’ve been terrified. #songstuckinmyheadnow

by limmie

Good girl on wed, bad one on Thursday, good girl on Friday, havoc one from Saturday.

But mum blew her roof through a phone call last night. I’m staying home today- that is aft this driving assessment which I feel I will pass!

Speaking of which- yesterday on the Mrt home, I realize how I can’t read people well. For example I couldn’t tell if Ben was being REALLY humble or Hinting actioness! And then again Darrell who looked like he didn’t care about something but eventually did. And Lincoln who seemed like he couldn’t add one more piece of meat in but finished out pot of balls. Okay this I’d getting far fetched.

Yesterday intern briefing was a boooooooooore waste of time. Not sure if I am glad Mr Chee’s my supervisor. He goes according to the books very well, I know I have to perform beyond what I should. 20 credit units of A shall be mine, hopefully.

See!! I’m someone who voices out what I feel I would get, is this being action? But I’ve no intention of doing so! Maybe it gives others a little bad impression of me BUT IM LIKE THIS LEH.

First time to Mustafa yesterday, EYE OPENER THAT HAVE EVERYTHING, CHEAP CHEAP. Steamboat at Cine was surprisingly considered cheap BUT THEY GOT NO DESSERTSELECTION SO I DON’T LIKE. And then Playnation after, HOHOHO current new boardgame favourite haz emerged!

My stomach in knots all of a sudden. Of riding in half an hour and NOT BEING ABLE TO MEET THE SEC SCH GROUP TODAY. Felt like ages. Wonder of everyone haz grown some white hair.

Okay imma relax today, think of my drama to watch and luggage to really finish packing and maybe a game to play. Everything in one day, I suddenly wish I had one more day to just roll on bed, but I can’t BECAUSE I FOUND A LIZARD UNDER MY BED LAST NIGHT AND HAZ NO IDEA IF IT IS STILL THERE.

Alright, maybe one more post tomorrow?
But, 1/4 of my buys will probably be souvenir loaded. #hoorays #excitementalitledyingdown