Dedicate this sentence to jeremy- someone who talks and listens and exchanges help and the longest poly friend I know I can always count on.

by limmie

Battery running at 39% and it might just go out, BUT worth my energy typing out.

Just got mum and dad worried. iMessage sucks when it doesn’t deliver texts. Anyways all is well, can feel really, the more trust I get from them.

Met up w Jeremy at the Terminal.
After a long inconsistent time of meetings, I’m the most thankful to have him as my friend all through poly life.

The quiet BHB kid who use to ‘rebel’ w me! Ha! Listening to him today – who talks ALOT MORE- and this guy mature already eh. Study guai kid. Can’t say kid anymore also.

We roamed the terminal. Never ending talks. Walao, miss this friend. I was the one who messed things up, but it feels so much nicer at this -I don’t know how to describe- but I know it will a long time friendship.

Okay. Blew my riding w 44 points. Today passing amount was less than 18. Not bad, I did worse than an aunty who looked upset w 32 points. One more session on Friday before flying off!

IAP briefing tmr, frankly speaking after hearing Jeremy’s experience, I’m not all so sure about intern.

Just wishing my trip was a month thing. Hoping to see this guy again! NOT meaning anything, but how easy can one find such a friend?

See you soon everyone! Made arrangements w each group before the departure.

Weird to say it out, but thankful for each and every frenz. I AM STILL A FREETHINKER BTW.

*insert smileyface*