by limmie

Alright, cause the app is getting an update, I cannot control my typy fingers, here I am, on NOTEPAD, typing away.

Sent the iPhone for CHECK-not repair.
The main difference is not being required to pay anything, yet.

Another family day today where I brought everyone to BPP-cues hooooorayyyy- and then the start of my worrying over how much MORE money I should change.

I’m all done w packing just my clothes and 3/5 of the space is already filled.

I’m too excited. Just like how much I keep repeating this.
Adeline’s coming for breakfast on Saturday! And I amd worried Lokshie and co comes over for another surprise, so the lest I could do was invite them for breakfast, I didn’t want a so fast meeting-cum-send-me-off. But gaaaaah probably be too early.

Tuesday 2 driving sessions.
Wednesday big final but not really major test.
Thursday iap briefing.
And keeping Friday for any Emergency getting of stuff day. No idea if mum will let me out for dinner.

I shall open my mouth tmr. Or later.
Meanwhile my head’s horrible. Too nervous and really scared of 9.20 lesson because itz been a long time since I got onto a bike.
I shall figure out WHY am I feeling so haunted over this and hope to ride w a clear mind tomorrow.

One last note: PFFT doesn’t mean there’s no contact, I aint thinking about y-o-u.

Eeeeeee giving myself the shudders over what mushyness I had typed.
But finished Secret Garden today. Too touched. Best drama I’ve watched. I choose to believe such love do exist.

Vroom vroom. I can hear my motor starting. *gear me up calm me down*