Oh oh oh whatever!

by limmie

Yatta! Done w papers! Happy Sherilyn! Happy celebration! Happy classmates-kind of!

Slept at 4.30 only to wake up in cold sweat at 9! I survived today w 5hours of sleep. Moodlessly did my paper, pray to hit my A target and despite disappointed friends, a TWO BUS STOP IMPROMPTU DECISION LED US TO EXPANDABLES 2.

WAH, I skipped all those gore in saw, but today’s movie, pewpew hole in the body, stabbed in the heart, all gave me a minor shock attack. Didn’t expect this action movie to be like THIS!

Pewpew a few games and FINALLY WON ON A GOOD GROUND. I think Sherilyn only can support.

So I still want to say my thanks here, to the friends who LAUGHED at my slowness, were PATIENT w my blurness, were HELPFUL w my endless questions,
Thank you guys for being such reliable study buddies.

It started w Ben and him making me all serious w my work. (Honestly speaking, since year 1, my goal was just a simple B+) but I hope this exam will produce my straight As.
And then Chinguan and Lincoln who came over to woodlands. Seriously I can understand their explanation yet I am unable to explain. Glad there were there for extra thinking heads!
And finally the chill yongfeng who made me feel stress, increasing my pressure and thus resultant supply of studying and Jackson, the silent person who tried to help out. LASTLY, Adeline, for just being there as a friend.

So happy today.
Why do I sound likea kid.
But now I feel like I have too much things to do.

I really wonder what got over me.


5days to Oz.

But damp damn. Mum killed my party night plans. Whatever. Unless she decides to back down, I guess I will remain home and find something to do AND CALM MYSELF DOWN FOR RIDING LESSONS. Scared shitbreaks.

Goodnight and , love me too!