Make #hooray trend!

by limmie

Been wanting to sleep since an hour ago.
Said my good nights then complain about still having 173 pages to go, so the brother convinced me to do one more topic. So I have to stay up w him while he do pyp.

I ended up finishing 3 slides while he YouTube music for us and watch them MV.
See the hardworking one was me.

Tried to help him w EngMec but my selfish brain kind of small leh.
Ps , as he watched MV he introed those Tara, Suju members names and their recent happenings and all. Not bad KPOP lesson.

This Meimei on the other hand making me spend money! Probably gonna order more items for the online shop, but my time so squeezey to do ‘market research’ that’s I’m counting on her to do almost everything!
Yes, I ended up ordering 8 dresses too. Thanks, I hope it comes out nice too.

Sho! One probable last study session tomorrow. I’m excited to be done with this semester. But not looking forward to the end of exams. No more study sessions means I have to start everything I put aside for the exams.

Understand the dreadful feel? Of wanting to have holiday but not wanting the exams to end so I’ll have something to study for. Okay I dont understand my jibber either.

Goodnight everybody. I hope I can tank till hmm all the way tomorrow.
Thursday, let’s go!
Nine days to the Oz! Woohoo!

And then intern, boohoo because I don’t want us all to be separated for 6 months..

Think too much.
Pssssssh and hor. Fug hor laa.
But this knot in my stomach is starting to tangle again.