Forever unstoppable ! -too much Hot Chelle Rae on the playlist-

by limmie

Boo! -intro likea HK and then disappear-

Jaykay. Short post is all I can afford.
Itz 1.22 and I’ve been sleeping at THIS hours for the past few days and waking up at 9, okay about 9+.
Friday till Thursday I assume it will be a library library library day!

Anyway random thoughts just now when I relented and answer Zavier’s third call. Long time no talk and of all times now! Suddenly bursting with those freshman camp feel- and also all the everyone’s Uni camp pictures.

I don’t want poly to end yet.

Still I’m not in any exam mood.
Really boh feel leh with all the upcoming trips or impending trips!
And the one person I can count on to study with- again I cannot thank Ben in person else his head will swell.

Appreciate much. I hope I get my A.
Aps standard currently at B
And ASAS is no where near.

Study from 10 to 6, reach home fb tumblr YouTube till 12 , exercise shower till 1 and I am all KO.

No time.
Forever saying this when apparently the ‘fb tumblr YouTube’ hours should be shortened.

Okay good night everybody. One day to paper, three days to freedom.

Chiong shall we?
JIAYOU Lincoln and Yongfeng and Chinguan too! Ben better get the As if I get them too.

The minor tiny guilt that he didn’t score better than me for CT.

KurtHugo guy from YouTube is really too much of cute cool and WAHSEH.