I would text every single precious friend, Take Care and there is someone here who loves you as her friend, But this would be just so sudden and scary.

by limmie

Low stress period over. Incoming high stress.

It feels unfair but it probably is the class fault PARTIALLY too?
Two classes getting their open book quiz while we didn’t.
Maybe some people didn’t open their book too but it was their choice.
I knew I would definitely have done a whole lot better if I had my book.
Yes very sulky because 5% burnt like this. But less so just now because I was with a group of people who got to use their book and was thus unaffected.

No idea how often I’ll report back here again, so first up,
In a few hours time.
Old man finally used some seemingly rough word.
Last night gathering of troops led to us all cheeping in a buck for his quite small cake.

And I feel sometimes when people dontthink twice before speaking, they end up bringing hurt.
I felt as it I received a tone of pissed beach words. Maybe a smiley face can be added. Or rephrase laa. I was trying to read up for my quiz and deciding whether to gear the troop up. You know it is still hard for this female to gather a group of guys and ask for their time and money no matter how thick happy skin I can be.

Nonetheless. This friend instinct in me forever lights up when it is anyone’s birthday.

And when even the low profilic people thanks me out loud, no idea why I feel so appreciated and then down. Because it made me think about my other group of friends. Where we hang out all so much and yet it really is all fun and as much as I’m dying to see them, we probably would all just rot and some be thinking about their problems.

Okay a little break today.
Do up them tutorials.
And then I need some sleep. The headache head likea coming back again.
And from starr and Shawn to dad and mum and me to Shawn back again. The virus too free already.

Cherishing every single moment I have with everyone.
The dawning upon moment when someone you just met passes on.
Rip. The daughter’s still young.