I ought to be the one to scram.

by limmie

Yes. I am very unhappy.

I feel us friends have been

1) taking each other for granted

2) simply have nothing much to say anymore

3) we are outgrowing each other

I suppose it is all just me for the matter.

I am actually having a greater time with my lecture classmates and classmates.
Rolling around chairs in class, kicking pushing racing each other.
Or rubbish and at times meaningful whats app chats.

Not that I did not put in any effort.
But it is a whole lot of different feel nowadays.

Maybe I hold on expecting so much more when we have all done almost everything together that nothing new seems to interest us.

Step One: No clubs till the papers are done. YF jio-ness that day made me realise I CAN CONTROL.

Step Two: Three straight weeks of revision, or STARTING to learn all topics.

Step Three: I miss us, guys.

Step Four: I apologise for the previous and present post. But this problem seem to have lingered on me for this probable past year.