Watching SG, laughing my butt off. And then feeling horrible.

by limmie

When guy talks about ‘his’ girl. You listens.
THAT cringe.

When guy even talks to you about ‘his’ girl.
THAT cringe.

When guy talks to you and expect a response from you.
THAT killer cringe.

I did not expect myself to feel this way.
But I know I can fend it off.
This can’t be called Love.

Because I know I can push all thought about this fella aside because he probably has another fella on his mind.

But all that cringe is what that’s killing me. I know I can stop thinking about it. But I know I cannot stop feeling it.

Ass myself for always getting into such things before the papers.

My only source of motivation is tumblr. All the chubby to lean people.

The self confidence that I will gain.
It is not for anyone. But I need my self esteem back up.

A fake declaration of love from Ben FROM Lincoln.
A fake declaration of a pretty sherilyn from Joel FROM Nic.
But a sincere sounding flirt from HK of, Miss You.

I’m in this phase of life. Where I have been acting all young wild freely fun. But I know this is all not that I want.

The knowledge of why guys really go to club. Or more of why my Friends do so.

I don’t know what to feel.
Because my plain agenda of having fun seem to clash with theirs.

Cute guys, no. This ain’t how I want to meet someone who will mean something to me in the future.