Te amo.

by limmie

I just needed that laugh.

I ain’t one that believes in Horoscope. Usually reading them JUST FOR FUN.
But it seems like recently they feel pretty accurate. Or maybe my mind is just adapting according to what I read.

But. I have made many plans today, possibly at clashing times. True this.
I’m worried about my driving test date. True this.

Bumped into Himel yesterday. Super shock! But it was sooooooo lovely! I ve occasionally wondered where my primary school parter had been. Search FB without zero matches.

HE HAS ALWYS BEEN THATTTTT CUTE. I’m gushing at a bus interchange now.

And another lab fag. As much as Xavier irritates me, I like him as a person he is.
This is sounding like some public declaration- but it is not.

The dream guy traits, wait rephrase, I’m too lazy to hit delete.
MY dream guy traits.
Tough looking- can feel so secure.
Not afraid to admit his mistakes- and even make a joke about it. Little awkward positions.
Serious at serious times ONLY- imagine this laughing laughfy life together.
Outspoken- no worry about dates and plans. No worry about speaking our mind out.

See! Really likea Xavier buts. I think all that is in that guy’s head is g y m.
I’m gushing in the bus now. #whatsherilyn

He doesn’t need to be cute LAA.
There’s this FIRST IMPRESSION thing. Okay maybe more like a lasting impression. When you get to know someone better, wont there be some bigger thinking about them?

Okay I don’t really get what I’m typing too.

Big focus on being done w this sem.
And then I have to repeat this again, AUSTRALIAAAAAAAA.

Getting away from mostly everyone for two weeks. *insert sad face* I hope I my plans gets clearer after all these..

When it’s just a crush, itz okay. But when the thinking deepens, jialat. Wait, SELF thinking.

One hour lesson today, let’s go!
-helping dad at rss today making me all smellyz for class- *insert smelly face*