To feel loved.

by limmie

I ain’t hearing from the person I wish to the most. Forever one sided Sherilyn.

Even had a very nice dream today.

But I am very fearful of what tomorrow outcome will be. Relying on a couple of classmates for help. I hope to succeed tomorrow.

Imagine traveling to CHANGI every morning for half a year. Okay not so ideal. But heck. Definitely will get to hang out w the East siders more.

About my dream.
Clearly remember taking 154.
Sitting next to this guy. I know he is a stranger but I cannot remember his face.
He asked if I wanted to be with him for ONE DAY, ONE MONTH, or FOREVER.
I knew I said one day.
The entire dream felt so real.
I felt that he was toying with me.
But I knew I yearned for him when h left.


But this yearning currently ain’t stopping. I have been thinking about my dream the entire day.
I look forward to the weekends and then choose to go on self confinement mode and work.

Yes, sherilyn what’s wrong with you?