Call me beep me if you wanna reach me. JUST TALK TO ME LAA.

by limmie

My temperament these days reminds me of my ‘worry of SOME guy’ days.

Today I cleared them lessons which allows me to book my TP test. But I have yet to because I don’t feel ready, although the dates are two months in advance!

Then I popped to popular, hoping to get the book and then I decided Because I want it So much, I will have to workout for it.

The time nicely fitted to let me meet James and Lokshing. Super short time, I had a lot to say but I didn’t. There was this ‘shut up sherilyn’ moment where I was either too tired or I-don’t-know-what.

Met the fps group for lunch.
Stoned for most of the time.
Because I was tired and I couldn’t find myself fitting into their convo until later.
We ended up everywhere until macs.
Reminds me of the sec sch people, we used to be so free to roam about.

But th cool thing was our advance plannings! One month and even twoonth in advance. SO CUTE RIGHT.

Okay my short break is almost coming to an end.
I find myself not being able to look some people in the eyes when I’m conversing with them.
Either my head thinks a lot and makes me shy, SOUNDS FUNNY TO SPELL THEM OUT, or I’m probably lying.

I’m tired.
I feel so filled up w workssss.

But I don’t wish to quit my job any yet.
Straight As for this sem is my hope.
Everybody please just leave a JIAYOU SHERILYN instead of reading me anonymously.

Save a life, why not save sherilyn.