by limmie

Before I get started on Prezi. <– yes it is a super cool fun ppt-style to use. From sleepy to excited and then pekcek.

I’ve got nothing to talk about today anyway.
Woke up late. Heng this Yiheng turned out to be busy too! Else I would have been super late for our library session.

Next week. I am all geared up for the library! (I know I said this last week, probably)
But with darn WISP out of the way on Tuesday, YAY.

I piled next weekend with work already. With the fear of heading out.

THIS is one other many goals I left myself with.
No workout, no getting out.
No workout, no HKG graduation trip.

Day three worked out fine even after my late night home after visiting Shafiee’s workplace.
IF the place wasn’t situated that far in, I would have asked for a job transfer, hah!

Chelly gone. Came Roxy. A less laughier person than Chelly BUT equally helpful, I like. But she talks super fast and I usually cannot understand, so I’ve mastered the Adrian’s Ha-Ha Laugh.

Kate asked me out for a shopping trip! I’m a little excited actually.
1) Shopping
2) Cause it is shopping
3) and this Kate dress sense can probably help me for the internship period

I am so hoping I get that position.

But also worried if it will simply lead me away from the engineering field.
It sounds thrilling though.

Last night Shan’s supper treat lasted till 4am! But I had my happy share of Mac and stories.
I guess no one can please everyone. So yes, Respect for Shan there.

YES. Off to eat my pancakes.
Do some prezi.
Work out number one.
Then cook dinner for the bro and I because papa and Starr had a cool birthday party invitation and mama is off on a spa getaway.

Goodgirl93 for the weekend.
Smiles and beams.
Have been feeling happier recently but very stressed up. Found the perfect person to talk to in Adeline.

But my refusal or lack of response is a killer. I am too lazy to pick my phone up soemtimes.

Excuse: Darn Lag

Missing everyone’s companion so much.
Till next time, 1 kg letz go!