To each own’s agony.

by limmie

Hi all. I’m awake and on my way to work- probably the most relaxing place of my week. Look forward to the Subday every week- but this is the last time I’m ever working with Chelly again. Doesn’t sound any sad in words but I know I will miss this friend, a lot. Someone who will always look out for me, her innocent pout, her confusion that makes us laugh, and her cheerfulness.
The thought of never ever meeting her again, for a long time sucks.

Truthfully, she reminds me of Pouing, forever there for me. But this Pouing now must be super stress w her study mess going on, I can’t even help, and she looks in agony the last time we met.

I’m equally at fret now.
The constant bug from the mother whom I really wish would ST*U. Wait till I’m fried then I’ll really use the *

Meanwhile, I think no club for the time being for me. I’m losing my sanity.
I lost my sense of differentiation.