I had a future in Phuture. Had or has?

by limmie

Cannot resist this.
Itz 0439. One shot. And one can. I’m pretty much, in fact, very very much sober.

Thumbs down for me.
I was so hot and bothered in the hot showers.
Either we were two very high horny (less so about the latter, more on music high) or two sad lonely horny teenagers (less so on the horny part again, I suppose maybe heartbroken, maybe not).

But jialat.
Tonight was increasingly fun.
Minus the cold stares of pushy people.
Minus a little bit crowd.
Minus some dumdumdum music parts.
Tonight quite perfect leh.

Oh ya. Fuck just one time when this very drunk looking guy went on a butt touching spree.

Somehow something this part of me that you’ll never gonna ever take away knows that this night all ends when I wake up.

Mum Cheong asked me on Friday about Y I NO MISS HER AND MALCOLM or sth along that line.
I told her my heart haz died for months.

Hello. So what was I thinking, hoping, wishing for tonight?
Please don’t say screw me, but CALL ME MAYBE.

*insert one smiley face for the great night*
*insert one lost sad face for not knowing what I’ve done to myself*