You make up your mind- can you afford to raise your children.

by limmie

I’m disgusted with my mum’s choice of words.

Or maybe I lack sleep.

And I just finish this quick argument with my sister.

Both ended on a very sour mode.
Maybe I am the cause of the trouble. But no. I don’t find anything wrong with me.

This sister thing is not working. Or us being at home the wrong time. The lack of communication. The different mindset. She thinks she is old enough. Fuck no fuck not. I’m irritated. Because I refuse to do anything too.

The only place I can think of is my bed.

Non stop yabbering when I get home.
The constant blame on everyone EXCEPT SELF.

Past few days have been the ’20 years down the road jokes’.

As much as I’ve repeated this an awful lot of times. I know I won’t put my child in such a similar situation as this.

You don’t shrink away from responsibility.
Or worse complain about it and make you child feel worse. You don’t bother asking How’s your day, you yak about yours and the two hoot shoot shit you give is nothing but your sand castle air.

No idea what’s going on w Sherilyn Shawn nor Starr.
You provide the money. You grumble. You cling onto grudges for far too long. Fuck the feelings shit you talk about. What’s the whole point.
And you can’t take criticism to yourself.

I’m in the rageshit mode now.
If I was given the hostel option, I would gladly accept it.
Weekends probably meal home. Heck Laundry, daily home cook meals, late nights, less family drama around might probably improve relations instead, THIS is one of the most appealing reason for SUTD or NUS. No idea of NTU holds this same dorm rule.

Too much rage is no good.
As I type my mum has not stopped.
Perhaps I shall retreat to bed now.
The more the talks, the more rage I hold, the more I cannot burst out.