I’m going back to sleep in two hours.

by limmie

It’s actually already 7th July.
I’ve got an announcement to make.

I’m a selfish friend.
And I’m upset w myself for unable to control this bursting feeling.

Let me go on.
Selfish in a way I don’t like to share them.

The more say the more I am going to start feeling protectively sticky.
But no, or maybe yes.
Because in my head, it’s like THIS GROUP is THIS GROUP. Perfect enough for no additional or reduction of crew members.

For one example my sec school groupie. For second, my workplace. It was all so nice in the month of June. Then all this add-ins (lol) and now so much sarcasm is flying everywhere that I can only ease the situation by SILLY NERVOUS LAUGHING.

Upsetting that Chelly is leaving real soon. But I’m getting to know Kate too. HOWEVER the two of them cannot smile without throwing daggers at each other.

Okay. Lesson time. I took a three hour only nap for this 730 class so I better make it worth my time.

Defensive riding. Hah. But honestly, I’m excited to get on the road soon. But in a room full of grown adults ALL MALES now, I hope the road not this pressurizing.

Ndp later on. With this James junan Jelyn, triple J, AND MY FAMILY LOL.

Don’t judge. There was extra TIX. Wasn’t it a role of mine to get the family tgt and out? MWAHAHAHAHAHA.

Thanks arh Niang.

Brb-heavy cheeks.