Trouble is a friend yeah trouble is a friend.

by limmie

To just look further ahead and not what’s right in front of you.

I know I’m irritating all the instructors w my eye point too close, failing some techniques and causing wobble.

But no, ain’t just referring to my riding.

First thing first, congrats ms foo for getting her license! Woohoo! Quite a long wait for this uh?

Watched 50/50 over a three day span. And towards the end, the inspirational quote and all. The touching moment when he didn’t want to let his mum go.

My communication key at home haz improved at a very slow rate. During meal times, I sometimes talk too much. Then I get busy w my work and movies and ignore everything and everyone else.

I have been spending this first week well at home. Something rare since first year. Except for one exercising Wednesday that haz left me in stretching pain. Just work tonight and Sunday and I left Saturday free to complete my work. But I’m really itching for a swim.

Next week’s hectic expectation. With Tuesday and Wednesday filled to the brim. Monday probably ice outing. HeeHee I deserve a day out right!

I’m really stressed up.
The need to do so well this sem.
The losing of touch w this particular group of friends.
And the sudden fear of losing any parent.

Nightmare this morning where I watch alex(the guy from my class) watch my mum snap my dads head.
Long weird story but vague memories of 4 of us (I only remember an Alex) looking for some key to leave some island or win some race. No idea how it turned into a nightmare.

Riding time. To focus and not waste my 25bucks. And another excuse letter from LeeYH! Woop! No lesson for me today! Boo maybe.