I am so sick of love songs. Why can’t I turn off the radio.

by limmie

Itz 1201,  I told myself to shower at 12.

But I ended up getting caught up on some BLOG. *stares dagger at Jiahui* ACS– No idea WHY MY ITCHY HAND EVER CLICKED IN.

Saw so much of my name.
Read about life in Sec 3-4.

I really had been a nerdy kid come to think about it. (Cannot write KID anymore. Penalized for essay because I am not a Goat.)  All the after school happenings that I hardly took part in.

Okay Nothing to comment about ACS blog.
Just a reinforcement of my I-am-here-but-not-here feeling.

Everyone’s so busy.
Everyone has their own commitments.
I too have so many undone work and plans.

But I can’t seem to sit still and just CHILLRELAC my free time at home.
I know I have alot to complete.
And then I still make these many plans.
And then get over-tired.

I think we need a break.
My first official breakup with you.
Hermit Crab I intend to learn to be.
To get independent, make my own fruitful decision and no more impulsive impromptu going-outs.

5 different group of friends.
This only goes to show the one lacking in communication skills is me.

And yesterday yesterday, because of my sleepiness, I probably growled boredly talked to D.
And yesterday yesterday yesterday yesterday I actually snapped texted Jelyn what I really thought.

I don’t know. Maybe my perception of Friends seems too sticky.

Fugg sounding like SOME CERTAIN acs.
While others have a definition and the PRESENCE of a best friend, I have not found one.

I must be a damn boring person.