I’m broke so there’s school so there’s pocket moneyyy. *feeling so faithless lost under the surface*

by limmie

After hesitation number three, I appear before you!

Too rush for words, what if I regret my words?

So 0005, I have about twenty minutes before my train hits Marsiling.

I was actually awaiting for yesterday. Anticipating. But when it finally arrived, I felt it was all so too rushed.
As impatient as an MX.
ECP , five of us headed there. Surprising. I really caught myself waiting for Saturday. I even had the entire day off. So other then I HAD FUN LEH, the talks about uni with them made me more aware. More knowledge of SUTD life and more hope of me gaining NUS entry. And when my tire went so flat- entire one hour I was lagging so behind I thought it was the badminton playing that drained me, but no- super nice MX took the bike for the rest of the hours.

If Sherilyn can do one hour, he can ten.

Then jalankayu PRATA w KC and boom, saw the fierce ken.
And boom, no more PRATA there for me again. BOO.
PRATA party twice a week. Boom me.
Macaron night thrice a week. Boom boom me.

(Chelly fed me super well tonight. Even packed me macarons home.)

With a super nice turn in events, yesterday night can be called a success. But it was distracting trying to figure what’s in jelyn’s head.
Our surprise party was indeed a surprise.

Like what Eden said, I think it’s time for me to grow accustomed to their forever NS talks. It IS their life after all. FOR NOW. But two years later if it’s this same story , bish bish bish, CANNOT!

More about this when I got the correct mood.
Did ONE assignment today, CUES YAY, sad face receiving one grade yesterday.
Day one of sem 5 term 2 next sem.
Last day of my entire poly holiday.

Three cheers I survived.
More cheers when I get my results tomorrow please.

STAY WITH ME. still not giving up, BLESS THAT IPHONE.