“Yes I know we said a lot of things we probably didn’t mean.”

by limmie

This morning, it was Mum’s turn to burst.

The sad thing, for her, is nobody give a damn much. Because she repeats things.

But for once. I listened. And then realized, the cause of our outburst boils down to one thing. But of course I didn’t say it out loud. (SOL LOL)

Not that I hate dad.
I love him for being the father he is.
But him being ignorant at important moments. Maybe his passion is doing houseworks. Bah.

Can see why mum is getting worked up.
But dad doesn’t take the effort to correct her ridiculous anxiety. He doesn’t bother to put up a fight. It makes thing worse.

Mum can be really unreasonable. But that because nobody reasons with her.
And two days ago while ranting about the Meimei, she’s at it again.
I did not blow up. Not yet. Not ever, I told myself.

Being unable to contain my excitement about something! Started up a small sale site with her. Hoping it will occupy her holiday. Mum me and starr. And not bad because I’m guessing we can take in our first hundred by this week.

It is exciting to dabble a little in this. A side income-hobby. While the Meimei get busy sourcing and advertising, this progirl93 does the accounts. It can be FRUSTRATING when the Meimei have mood swings again.

LIKE last night. I didn’t know we had a second aircon remote control. WAH. /mildrage appeared.
Probably a year since I slept in an air-conned room. The brother shld be back today. Boohoo-end of my aircon reign streak.

And you know what?
I’m going to make an effort to talk to Mum. As much as I want to interfere. I don’t like seeing her getting easily influenced by her friends’ comments or that bastard bulky web designer.

Naive freak. 19. Definitely inexperienced. I’m in no position to comment. But when you agree on a job assignment, you do it well. And because you get paid, you don’t do slip-shot work. And because you quote/’demand’ for more money, all the more you do what your customer request. NOT JUST COMPLAIN AND THEN SEND THAT WRONG WHINEY TEXT MESSAGE TO THE CUSTOMER BY ACCIDENT, you complain AND YOU PRODUCE.

Okay IF , touch all the wood, IF mum ever come across this post one day, she might rage -a little-. I’m not doing any blame game.

But just the thought of our brought up is different.
Dad not being there most of the time for sixteen years. He only provided the fun then. The serious work all done by mummy. Little understanding required to know why she freaks out so much nowadays.

I need to talk VERY PATIENTLY to my sister else I am afraid of her turning into Mummy #3.
3 because the brother is like the Mother who wants things his way BUT minus the nags PLUS the louder voice MINUS the tears PLUS the shovings and hitting when high rage occurs.

Okay I’m not going even comment on myself. Taking after dad too much I feel.

Step one.
Find the X spot and dig for gold
(SEE daydreaming like dad about money)
Step two.
Live school.
Step three
Worry about intern.
(SEE Excessive worrying likea mummy)
Step four
May that Sale Site thrive since I have to quit my job- really unwilling-

Okay smack some shuttles now.
Pouing style- GAMBATEK!