Adeline say 忍

by limmie

Then 旺zai牛奶 comes next.

But okay.
It is my own fault for suffering from lack of sleep. It’s my idea for taking a nap and emerging grumpy after.
But itz understandable when it comes to food when papa said he will cook and then you fall back asleep, thinking I AM GOING TO WAKE UP TO DADDY LUNCH.

And then itz 2pm and work starts at 3.30 and there is no food on the table because Meimei don’t want to eat potato.

Brother and I can end up talking so much about school work that she keeps so very silent. Just like yesterday during dinner. Silent and maybe sullen the entire trip. I TRIED TO ENGAGE HER IN but. Whatever.
(BON-3Day-VOYAGE brother)

Mummy tried talking to her about her temperament but she ends up doing the ‘Diao’ Thing.
I know sometime mummy nag like itz free, but SOMETIMES it does make sense.

And then she gets the same ‘No you cannot go out’ thing and the day was tweeted to be ‘ruined’. BEEN THERE DONE THAT, BUT I WAS SIXTEEN (and maybe a little of eighteen) THEN.

The thing is she shuts everyone out.
And then the on-off mood swing thing is starting to get to me.
YOU SEE NOW, I’m on the brink of tears on the train thinking how I should not have snapped at daddy. But had I apologize just now, my makeup would have been ruined.

I cannot blame her.
I think I’ve taught her wrong.
And now wtf shit am I supposed to do.

Okay. Keep calm.
And think properly.

I will smile everyday.
I will speak out TO MEIMEI if I am unhappy. (not to mum because dad STILL dislikes us doing that)
I will be patient.
And not succumb to that mood swing monster thing.

Good day everyone.
My mood for Ladies night tomorrow has been killed because my classmates are horrible event jio-ers.
And the contemplation to join some T3 guys has been erased when I think of the cab fare.

Wondering how wencong is faring.
So weird not to hear from him.

And not being able to celebrate jelyn’s birthday. I’m removing solid from my hole, enhancing my empty feeling.

The knowledge of ‘Having so many friends, but a handful that you still engage with, and then an even smaller amount that you REALLY can talk to’ THAT is depressing. Funny thing is Adeline actually got this.

Glad this Pinoy did all the bookings on Thursday. THEN AGAIN I SPOILER GOT WORK.

Okay. I’m stress with my driving too.
Okay RIDING. Itz like my brain’s dead the moment certain instructor take over. They are more like DE-motivators.
If the student fares badly, surely it has a teeny bit thing to do with the teacher.

And then surprisingly a second meetup in the month w the ‘Primary School’ Gang. Even whatsapp more flooded w them recently.

I hate the ns that took my friends away.
I hate the me more that let ns take my friends away.