Mmmm-mu-mu-MUSIC stop. listen hard.

by limmie


Mixed emotions over last night.
It was hell yes fun.
But deep down somehow my high self knew I was hoping for something more.

James had nicely waxed his hair.
Lokshie had nicely wore a blue shirt.
RX had nicely dolled a dress.
And her friend, coincidentally an AT senior, had nicely turned up and danced.

I really loved the company.
The taxi driver was spot on and marvelled how good friends we all were.

Now. Reflection.
I was not a good friend. I trusted RX friend into bringing her home without knowing who he was.
BUT thankfully he was a hmm GOOD GUY so she got home safely.
HOWEVER. While J and L and I left for some cans of beer, ms RX had one too many drinks on her own INSIDE.
See what I did there? Nope, I didn’t do anything.

Aiya. My head is all messed up now and I am going to at least half an hour late for work.
Sometimes plain dancing or shaking or nodding or whacking can give after-effects that will last the day.

I am not even sure I’m looking forward to Another Wednesday.