Exams end. Party up. Plan out. Stress cycle starts. WOOPTHEDOO!

by limmie

I’m here to do a proper report. (when my resume is probably due and I have yet to start.) and I have five stops before I will be entering that BISHAN tunnel so I gotta be fast and furious. (resisting the urge to add a YO at the back)

Okay leggo!

(two)PAPERS ALL DOWN. Positively confident of a B+ and above, and that the lowest I can afford to score.
A few around me were down and out about their papers, and I can’t find any words to lift their spirits up. I’m a zero when it comes to this field of consoling or advising.

So much so that I’ve finally come to realise all my (past) troubles were uncalled for. My (not really existent) love life was an egg, a naught, something w nothing to worry about.
I can’t even look at myself for going to others for help over one pea thing.

And now. I yet can’t make them feel better. One has the courage to wait, the other has the courage to reject. While I stand on the green neutral field, planting rice. Okay kidding.

But still. I shall stay in no rush for any happenings because I can’t score well in this area and shall wait like ‘Jesseca Liu in that Channel 8 9pm’ show. Heart cringes w their happy soon-to-be ending. While I hope my other two always-there-for-me friends get their optimistic view up and decide what’s best for themselves.

Waiting can be a depressing feeling but if itz not seen as a chore, if the feeling stays, who knows, one day the other party might get moved. Even if he moves on first oneday, he might come to realise you are irreplaceable. (okay high on coffee from last night, I am very optimistic right here.)

AND THE OTHER WHO HAVE A CHANCE. Don’t just push him away without giving him a chance. Slow and steady, YOU AINT EVEN EIGHTEEN YET, GOT A LOT OF TIME. (just saying)

Next up. Spent almost the entire evening/early night w the primary schoolers.
Coming to realise one thing. My mum gets ridiculous only when she’s raging or anxious or agitated.
The house rule of keeping silent will only lead to good outcome to self but an increase of ‘disorder’ while mum continue to act like this. There is nothing wrong w her when she calm and chill. And I love THAT mum. BUT when a simple word of OIE can provoke her, hell lasts for hours at minimum or days at max.

While my friend is waiting to move out, NO JUDGING, I felt the overwhelming sudden realisation of fun is running to her head. My entry to poly opened so many doors. For her, one simple uni camp seemed to have done this. THIS IS GOOD. It makes one LIVELIER AND HAPPIER AND HIGHER.

Yesterday w Ken MX Mak Jane, it felt different. Less of the mugger feel, more of the opening-up feel BUT still the comparing feel existed. But this was a great start. I enjoyed myself. No kidding.


Monday’s plan a little screwed. I hope all goes well. From Lincoln to Cheong to Xiyuan!
This entire week’s already packing me up. AND THAT RESUME. I need my ideal internship life.

And bling bling! Shopping with the sister… RIGHT NOW. Or in a while.