The S can’t get the S right. Her S deserves to be burnt NO I AM KIDDING PLEASE.

by limmie

Four days late but HAPPY JUNE EVERYONE.

Woohoo too early for riding today. (Yes I have to say riding not driving -and somehow I typed deicing- because ms foo say it is riding not driving although riding reminds me of horse riding where moments aft XY corrected me YC went HUH WHAT HORSE RIDING)

Moving on.
No wait. This Lincoln iz not asleep. I have no idea how anyone can stay awake from 12mn to 9am. Itz like the although-I’ve-slept-so-much-in-the-day, IT FEELS WRONG TO BE AWAKE AT THIS HOUR.

Woo ! Two days to APS and Four days to ASAS and I’m proud to say….

No idea why. But i laid on my bed last night and it was so productive. (THINK STRAIGHT)
Yes! All the other days worth of worksssssssss IM SO STRESS MY PIMPLE FREE OUTBREAK AND GAH I DON’T RMB MUCH THINGS.

Okay library later.
Bentoh concentration will influence me.
But Jeru and Remy will be there too. THIZ IZ ALREADY MAKING ME HIGH.

Focus sheruruuru focus.

OKAY RIDING TIME. Can sit cant walk get burn, NO HOPE NOT.
Kns scary S course.