Vegetarian Day Part 1.1

by limmie

Woo.Hoo. HOO!

Definition of Sherilyn :

A person who thinks too much when

-she is supposed to be studying
-too stressed out
-worry constantly all the time, and sometimes unnecessary at times.

I am A Sherilyn.

APS read finished. Note, READ. Not yet memorised not yet a walking APS Robot.
ASAS halfway done.

AND WOOHOO There I will go, MIB3 tonight.
I think I can better concentrate after tonight. That’s what I think. 
Library will be ‘lighting up my life’ and I am pretty actually excited to get back to work!

On the other hand, HOOKED UP A CAKE ORDER.
While I can only bake cakes, Meimei can do cookies. Hoping to use the holiday or maybe after intern, to get a small place/cart/area to tadahhhhhhhh sell some nomnomnoms!

It’s just on the wishlist. Mum’s all for it. At least this appeals to her than my flying crew wish.