thrash poo poo boo.

by limmie

For weeks I told myself to suck it up. That I was being over-reacting.

But I cannot hold it in anymore.

It felt like I’ve really lost my close friends.

I played a part cause of my horrible social skills. I put work and studies as priorities recently.

I lost P and K. I couldn’t be on the same page as them.

And then gone was S. My level of ‘pangseh’ness can be quite high.

And now it feels like J E W (LOL IM LAUGHNG NOW), but, it does feel like NS killed u-s. Our silent meal-talks. Constant jokes, not talks. It didn’t feel anything like before.

Poof went B. I cannot stop shooting him down. (OKAY, sometimes I really cannot stand his high nose) But he was there for a period of time where I was on a explosion spree.

C is getting off-on. Probably our conflicting timetables. Else she’s one of the rare VERY RARE few people I get on the phone with. (Honestly speaking, I don’t do calls. Eavesdropping happens a lot at home and I always feel very surpressed when I get on the phone. Since young. Mum would not allow me to call my friends to ask for homework because Y I NO PAY ATTENTION INCLASS. Mum would not allow me to call and talk to my friends-then either. 100% fatcs here. retarded ridiculous facts.No on does house calls nowadays.)

And D. Really on different channels. I don’t like.

And that damn H. MADE ME FEEL SO USED.

P is coming back. I hope we’ll be better than ever.

Working w J and talking to her more. ย And there’s C, who’s going home.

These people make me feel cared for.

OKAY. lesson time. I feel thrashed.