Shalalalala horrible rainsss.

by limmie

Prawn mee for dinner on menu today!
Heard of boss and dinny trip to Attica on Friday night. Envy! Cause my zouk night was bad music to my ears.

Boss gave me an uber good deal. SO SHREWD. But I have to reject BECAUSE NO DEAL IS A BETTER DEAL THAN AN MBS BUFFET TREAT ON A SUNDAY. Nope, *shakes head* no carousel cake.

So yesterday went well.
Two hour of cycle. WITH DOUBLE BIKES TOO and then another hour of that family bike. Made a funny fool out of ourselves riding on the wrong path, attempting a u turn , knocking a petty woman aside, yelling Ring Ring and EXCUSE ME as if we owned the road and then screaming at all possible down slopes!

I was just thinking how I can’t bear to leave my job yet.
I am fearful of the day where there won’t be a Chelly to work with either.

What if one day I really end up as an Engineer and then marry a girl.

There’s this weird cyst like thing (which I hope isn’t) growing (not really growing but more like GROWN) at the most awkward spot on me.
Attempting to book an appointment and deciding how to tell mum. Her maximized concern will be so stressful for the entire family.
But again. I stand so scared.
Comforting myself saying I DIDN’T BATHE PROPERLY, ITZ JUST A PIMPLE.

Sometimes I just wished I bathed more cleanly, like an hour bath.