Monday blues PWN red. Whoop whoop

by limmie

I had an UN-surprisingly good working time yesterday. BEST experience working w the group of fun peeps, WORST HORRIBLE TERRIBLE experience working under such Captains.

Temp staff or not, you want to enforce ‘strictness’ but that ain’t the way. How do garner respect when you obviously show none for any? Try setting better examples first?
The overall in-charge was tolerable. But he made the entire work feel like I wa in the police force. Maybe I just don’t like their choice of words.

AND HECK YES. Coolest after work session ever. Thank gawd for eve of pub hol! Drink drank not drunk.

HMMMMMM regretful going for work today. But evenso I know I’ll probably be stuck at home.
I shall start studying ASAP! Failed session last week! Cutting down on my worky hours.

Apparent four groups of people to hang out w. But something some weird feeling is lacking. Feels lacking.
I don’t get it myself I doubt anyone else would.

Leggo Sherilyn.
SHOUTOUT for myself today.
Take one day as it is. Leggo leggo!

Ps someone get me Legos ? 😊