Early morning kpkb. The pending trend.

by limmie

Early morning like this.
Early morning like that.

Sherilyn to mummy is like Shawn to daddy.
I’m in the worst possible grouchy mood ever now.
Over something small.
One of the rarest few times I ever hurled loudly back.

A duper super über horribly sensitive topic to ever touch on. So touchy about this genre, why not do sth to improve the situation?

Soil my entire Monday.
And I predict more to even come when I get home.
The exact same reason why I am forever wanting out.
The only thing holding me back is not bearing to see Starr alone.
Even so I have been snapping at her recently.

I guess next week I have to slow down on my work. I have no time to do everything- except sing movie drink.

Self control. Like how I’m ‘floating’ on the bus. No idea why this is even so crowded.

Okay itz Spoil, for two sentences above. I’m too lazy to attempt to reclick or edit.

Feeling better now.
I don’t want to grow up like another kpkb monster.

Ass up and move on.