Smile likea rainbow and make everyone around you a happier person!

by limmie

Having my staff meal right now. Walked past Mac hungrily just now and on the verge of getting myself fries. GOOD DECISION NOT TO!

Cause I have them now!
Fat die me. NO KIDDING. I shall not die fat. #whattalkingme

I’m a HUGE convo killer.
But what was I supposed to say?
Talk to me so super nicely more and I’ll really end up liking you.

I can’t possibly say that.
But I was surprised w his reaction.
Calm and cool was what I thought he was.

And YEAP that was what I did and gave.

Woke up super early at 8 to make dad a HUGE rainbow cake and hk a tinier one!
Proud and THANKFUL w starr fr helping. Sick girl skipped MYE paper to stay home and help me eh!




Gg awkward moment right now when you see your manager walking into the pantry to have dinner too.