No best conversation I ever had.

by limmie

Hoho haz been somewhat more communicative and truthful w mum. Nah just started today.

She cooked lunch for me before she went for work.
Typical sherilyn would just say no thank you and just leave it as that.
Today sherilyn texted a thanks and explained why.

A third of last weeks salary went to dad, another third went to mum, the last third went to food.
Lost a couple of kgs (don’t judge don’t laugh) due to hectic work weeks. But now that I have a free-er timetable and more moneh, hmm!
My fluctuating weight iz a huge reason to my lack of self confi. Wootwoots I had to let that out. Refusing to admit this to mum. Been on-off the pills and I am pretty sure my dependence of it will cause my fortune and future happiness.

Cheong and Malcolm laughed at me for thinking too ahead recently.

So anyways! DROP ME A NOTE ANYDAY ANYTIME FOR ANY BAKING SESSION! Had a mad great comfy cozy time w A J S ytd.

And tomorrow morning, thankful for zero practical, mass baking session for Dad and Mr Chew. Nothing but success will be tomorrow’s outcome.

So condident! Like how I was w Chel Barca. MWAHAHAHA. (And CHEL bayern) May Champs and FA cup be ours AND DAMN FORTH SPOT. What’s so hard bluemen!!!

Or maybe I should just call them smurfs.
Okay self kidding self laughing.
Heavy laptop. I wished I had went home w my (twinning)classmates.

GOODAY and all those actually reading this, today’s SHOUTOUT for you, DON’T STALK SECRETLY LEH, Tell me I’m awesome then I’ll do a cool shoutout for you. (okay stop thinking, SHOUTOUT NIAA)

And to meimei, MYE LEGGO! ❀