Can’t nobody can’t nobody hold us down!

by limmie

Hoho someone punch me please.
Okay just poke me.

Gloomy week begone! For me and for FONG and for anyone out there!

Visited the Rabutt. SMILED LIKEAN IDIOT ON THE TRAIN. Veh veh veh very touched. I’m def getting better by the hours!

Because I had a great impromptu time w D ytd. I was so torn between not pangsehing and feeling awful to going for that dance party.
My apologies to Chanmin -because I assured him we would all meet on Friday- and HK -because I didn’t go for that dance- and CG -because I really left for town to meet my boss, 2x this week I let him down-

See what I did there? Never had been a great fan of the main comm, except Lionel and JH, imagine not hanging out w them for 2 years and all of a sudden started doing so. I can’t.
Year 1 was when I felt those stares. Everything ended when my d4f ended.
W LUQ and Colin and Jeremy and Hanyin all gone, my MES life died by year 2.

Okay enough on that. Punch those bloody small eyes. No not yongfeng. OMG FINALLY SAW HOW HE REALLY LOOKS LIKE.

Woo for tmr and tonight!
As much as we have a lot to talk about, we always are on different frequency topics, I HOPE STH CHANGES TMR.

Good day and forever loving them weekends.
I love school, but my first week def died.
Wasn’t expecting it. Still bumping into Zavier and Weijin and Fiona and even Hiram yesterday. Cool friendly faces.

Def late for work.
Been slaying slacking stoning around.
And HAHAHA, made a new innocent-acting friend.