Likea laser light you go chu chu chu PEWPEW

by limmie

Day’s out and it feels like the third entry for the day!
Us ME didn’t win, but they did improve a lot and I really is felt their performance was good!!
That awesome throbbing victory feel when I saw them on stage.

PSP event was a drag today!
And not as professional as the previous one!
I had a not so bad day today.
Because I did my utmost to avoid tht couple-to-be. But people still came to m to ask me if they were together.
Omgomgomg what is wrong with me.

Rushed to meet the J A S then some serious crap talks that really made me feel better!!

HD N LH asked me to join them for American Pie! Missed another outing w them classmate!
At least I had dinner! Thanks to mum an a couple of PSPers!
Soz. Oh and kwek said the perf was DISGUSTING LEH.

Okay. Bus ride for me to enjoy.
This long draggy week is coming to an end.
And surprising to say, I am looking forward to this.