The bomb goes like this. I’ve got no moves.

by limmie

Walking. Typing. Tearing.
What’s wrong with me.

I missed my bus.
The bus w my brother in it.
Okay here again, what’s wrong w me.

Sounds like my brother can’t get home himself here. Think this big sister me act needs to take a pause here.

Über long pause here now and idk where I stopped. Met this ziyang and probably his girl at the bus stop.

My dying mood was partially getting up. Thanks to him. And chanmin too. Who saw me tear, likea wtf. And Lincoln. Who actually entertain me much. And Huida. Who reminds me of myself, blurly awesome.

Let’s see what happened. Lewis nicely kindly talked in a loud voice and I found myself on the way to Macs. I was torn between awkward moments w freshies and fellow oldies. I should have just gone home w the PSPs. But then mum would probably go, y u no wait for your brother. Which now is pointless.

Okay friend trouble here again.
Cheong told me about filtering. Selective filtering. Made me wonder the whole evening if she haz been filtering my words too.

Okay imma really brb.
I am finding it so hard to shut my eye.
They are drying up too.
Okay random much.
Bake more soon!