Three minutes later.

by limmie

Okay I’m back in three minutes.

Itz awful when I walk pass his block and having to think, another immature side of me bck then, still have yet to grow up.

Itz the disappointment in myself.
Same issue? Sound familiar?

It is. Because I have not resolved it since whenever.

I’m having trouble talking Proper mature serious topics w people AND friends.
My chats revolves around Jokes and Lameness and Highness.

I’m having trouble getting over someone I cannot click w. Itz hard when his name pops up so easily anywhere.

I’m having trouble making my say. I don’t care if I don’t even have a say. I’m more concerned about what others feel. To the extent my money is burning and I go speechless and don’t even care why the plan is. I’m losing my own decision.

I’m having trouble receiving hurtful words. Just in one week, SN C And J, all on Seperate occasions asked me why I often get teases or in their words, Bullied. I really get the pinch and punch w every tease/bully/ouch words, and then I shake them off. So much so that they keep returning. I push evil words aside, but I don’t tell them to GO AWAY AND NEVER COME BACK, and instead accept them w a smile, so much so that IT ALWAYS RETURNS WORSE.

Itz too much of me to just rant and not come up w solutions.

My initial plan was Heck all and GET HIGH GET FUN EASY PEASY. I drank I danced I thought nothing and all of these would just go away.

But they didn’t. See the above immature childish me talking again?

Imma start slow.
Step one. Stay away from twitter.
I’ll eat less vinegar this way.
I won’t step on any other toes this way either. Not get myself a ‘Punch Pinch Just Say Whatever You Want To Me’ green light.

The S for Sherilyn means Stay Strong.
Independent on my own way that I have to idea who and exactly HOW to turn to anyone.