Neither a saint nor a sinner.

by limmie

One year ago. AROUND this time. I was stuck in a someway similar situation. But the revers of roles.

Now I know how much what i did sucked.

*entering long pauses here and there because weiwen iz in the bus w me right now. And I’m having a mildly hard time looking up and talking to him*

I should have known better.
I’m under a long healing process right now. (rigggggght)
I’ve been on modes where I find it troublesome to talk. At times when I’m high, itz just random moments.
Proper talks in my life went downhill.

Thus my frequent sad moments recently. As much as I stay high.

I’ll be around HERE. Other apps shall perish over time.
Heartache PI. I was mehh and didnt take nor was even taken seriously much.

Meh. And yes, taboo word starts now.
I need help.
And thank anyone who attempts to help.
I need help.