So raise you glass.

by limmie

Lemme start of humble.
Okay there.
And then lemme rant just a little.


Let’s see.
Boss needed people to work. My holidays MAJOR MAJORITY of them went to work.
I stood by the bar. I stood by the floor. I did the washings. I served them customers. All w a smile and nada complain. I’m not not NOT doing so now. I do my best.

And then them so many different groups of people to meet. And mum already unhappy I’m hardly ever at home.
Still I JUGGLE THEM. At least I try.

My work may be a night thing. But all I end up doing is SLEEP WORK EAT SLEEP WORK EAT. I lack sleep far too much. My voice aint getting any better either. At least try to understand.)

And meeting ugly, inner wise, customers. I put up w them. I leave my smile on. I did my best.

So today when boss went down to the kitchen and made me salmon sandwich. I was so touched.

As much as I do what I can for everyone, I know I sound busybody like, I dont ask for anything. I give. I don’t expect a return. Ever.
I finally felt appreciated today. Not just work wise, but also on a personal level.

I guess that’s why I keep thinking about that one return trip w HK. I give so much that I forgo any returns. That night might just be a simple bus ride. But a teeny bit of action can make me feel genuinely happy.

I’m just saying. I’ll find someone who appreciates me.

Pardon my overwhelmness. Today came a guy who wanted to prepare for his proposal tomorrow. And this customer w each order called me a sweetie. (he was drinking during my ENTIRE 4-1 shift. He got drunk after and started talking suggestively though. That’s when boss came in and talked likea bodyguard) And another customer go googled how I can get my Cadet Path w SIA or Cathay or Virgin or British Airways. Just to get me undemoralised and motivated for my Pilot Dream.

Today made me feel good.
But I’m still non stop caring for people. I can’t stop. And I tell myself this is the right thing to do.