I’ve been roaming around, always looking down and all I see.

by limmie

Sometimes trying to hard will simply bring about a harder fall.

And sometimes too much confidence will just be the cause of your big fall.

Three years back. Even before Os. I went for SYFC interview. Did not read up a single thing nor do any ‘research’. The next day before the interview, this senior told me, you better be pro SAF. I panicked.
I was asked if I wanted to fly a fighter jet. I said no, I’ll have a heart attack. Then I said I wanted to be part of the missionary heli team. Drop off supplies and all. I couldn’t express myself because I wasn’t prepared.

Three years on. I’m almost embarking on my final year, enjoying my Service line work so much and not knowing why to do next.

I cannot picture my boring 9-5 engineer self. Nor can I imagine getting rejection letters on becoming a pilot.
My Interest doesn’t really fall under the Plane Category, but more of the Travelling Category.

Mum dislike me on thinking of following their path. But Dad’s all for it. The pay, the friends, the travels, the experience. His only words were, Don’t get Attached.

Not in the best condition to grow up just yet.
And speaking of which, dying to know why a certain someone dislike hearing ‘Young at heart’.
I’ve got some little time to get jumping on that Kinect.