Tonight we’re going up up up up up uppppppp

by limmie

SIX sick days. But I know I’m getting a teeny bit better. My mega watt smile was plastered over my face the entire night. So much so that this 18yearold Malaysian Caucasian guy asked me for my favorite song and dedicated to me. Touched to feel appreciated.

I asked to be released earlier, and then again got rejected and told I could be home a little earlier. But still I had a late night sleep. Midway chatting w Adeline and HK. Tht two really too cute already.

Going all te way to bedok to ‘pray the ancestors’ and then more work until Monday. I managed to take Tuesday and Weekends off only. I am dead like so shagged. Lack sleep so much. Fluctuating fever. Bad Throat. And all this making my emotions go haywire.

But one thing staying away iz doing good to me. I dodge any family quarals. It does me and US good.

Yesterday shopping therapy w D was so so so so good. I got what I did not planned and not get what I needed. Irony. BUT I LIKE LEH. Correeecccctttttttttt.

*self talk much*
Sad face today. I can’t wait for school to start then I’ll get back all my free time. Even booking a driving slot iz hard. I need to clear them fast!
LAI ah sherilyn! Pushing myself to work because boss lack staff. Pushing myself to get up early because I wanted to contribute in family time. Pushing myself because I don’t want pangseh and let any group of friends down.

It’s not a task. It’s what I want to do.
No qualms. I’m doing what I can.
And tonight, I just can’t wait to push myself into bed.