Everyone’s saying there’s thunderstorm but I have heard nada.

by limmie

I’m actually quit worried going to work now.
Yesterday panicky feel cause there was Jiahui with me!

Again, I’m probably worried over nothing. Butz.
It sounds lame to type it out loud.
I heard ‘Bad Service and blah blah’ , lost all mood to work. Then he sang opera style, horribly. Coerced into clapping because everyone else did. Boss read me.

The thing iz as much as The Customer Iz Always Right, it iz VERY hard to serve people w bad attitudes. By having one and then expecting good service, I thinks tolerance level iz already very high. Worst still, if you are one with a higher up position, your bad attitude will e reflected to your subordinates. HOW WILL THEY LEARN TO ACT? And then their attitude shown to their staff, it sounds like one mean cycle, their staff ends up w such attitude, so who’s to be blamed?

KNS. Hostile looking. Hostile sounding.
I did my best BY STAYING AWAY after one move.

Okay I shouldn’t be word pressing right now, else let it affect my future work performance, IN FORTY FIVE MINUTES. SEEZ. I am trying my best to perfect in this service line.

Okay. Friday’s coming! Means there will be A Saturday, A Sunday THEN ALL THE CAMP DAYS.
Wootz. Easily moved to a higher mood.