by limmie

I won’t say I’m taking sides. Because I know my problem / this issue stayed with me for a long time already.

And we’re alike- we probably xiaolichangdao everything up. (I just HAVE TO USE THIS PHRASE CAUSE I’VE BEEN THINKING ABOUT IT ALL DAY/MORNING)

Put everything that happened BEHIND. And then more incidents had to occur. From Ms R’s friend to Ms J. They did not affect me directly, so I was nonchalant.

Until both sides had so much to speak out. SEE, HERE I AM, KEYBOARD WARRIOR TYPING AWAY.

My excuse iz not wanting to cause any more conflict.
My excuse iz I value friendship.
(I think ms Ong and ms lee will feel like punching me here now.)
My excuse iz I cannot live disliking anyone to a very high extent.

As much as I don’t like what you do, I won’t say it out UNTIL IT AFFECT ME directly. Itz just me being DUO XIN. I at a loss myself that I dont even know what I should be reacting.

But if there ARE many people out there who dislikes you, I don’t know if you do realise this, itz either a problem w the majority or EVERYONE XIAOLICHANGDAO.

I sound like a hypocrite much. Saying i haz no friendemies but now I do sound like I have friendemies in my head.

I just cannot imagine telling out loud to anyone and REALLY MEAN IT when I say YOU SUCK. I’ve never done this. I dont wish to do this.

I suck. Because I can’t say what I want. Because I don’t wish to hurt anyone’s feeling. (Probably My excuse?)
This is a very mixed up post.

Itz not that I don’t like you. Itz just how I do not like the way you act. Okay the latter sentence translates like the former sentence.

Itz four am. My brain iz probably dead.
Maybe you don’t realise what you’re doing. But people tell you. Not just one. So there can’t really be a problem lying on everyone else.
#justsaying my words aren’t of much importance anyway.

Except for the few bumps, itz gonna be Goodbye to Fauzi soon! *very sad face* Hopefully NOT Chelly tooooo!