by limmie

I haz to say this again.
I’m really hooked to the Cab. Not just one BAD song but the entire TWO albums.

If only they were singing about guys.

Right. Awkward silence.
I’m having a cool bam time managing two WordPress. Someone zero picture posts leads me here, if you noticed.

STILL RECOVERING FROM YESTERDAY. The bike lessons and the work tasks. Complete huge fool of myself on circuit. Blocking fellow bikers lane wasn’t enough for me. I had to further stop a few cars by stalling right at a bend. I admit my impulsiveness for signing up and wanting a bike ASAP, hence I shall py the price and NOT GIVE UP!

One KEY factor was my confidence and panickyness. Stalled panic stall more panic even more.

Four consecutive days of work!!! I didn’t even know my big boss last night. Maybe it was some sort of blessing in disguise, CAUSE I’LL BE DONNING A NICER ATTIRE. And a new nametag. FROM JANICE TO ANNE.

But I’m as tired as a sleepy.
Long exciting day for Saturday!!
And more unbooked bike practices.
Still scared. Of making myself look likea bigger fool.

and I finally found out who A iz! THANKS TO WIKIPEDIA.
But the death of Maya was BLEH CHEH. *big deal*
Im still stuck at ep 23, thus while watching it I went, No wonder Mona did this and that.
BUT itz as expected from the book, though I thought therre will be sth else. OH WELLS!

Submitted TF2 for review today, I PRAY HARD THERE IS A HUGE GRADE INCREASE!! Thanks Lincoln for going w me! (and submitting for two modules.) REALLY, GREEDY GUY!

Didn’t get to go on much about camp. But I shall source for pictures and do a picturey post on it! *smiles*
Made some good friends, some smiley faces and probably am drifting from another. Why must I always react this way?

Boss wanted me to get my contacts on today BUT I CAN’T FIND WHICH BAG I PUT IT IN. So I’m gonna be another blinded bat again. I THINK IM ALIGHTING IN THE NEXT STOP.

Till then, be my sight!
(sounds weird) heck!