GREETINGS FROM GENTING, when I know I shouldn’t even be here typing away.

by limmie

I know I should be out walking about. Here we are, eating cupcakes and waiting for the parents to strike quick big money, at a cafe, leeching WIFI.

And this entire day, on the bus, at the customs, in the room, walking around, i couldn’t stop thinking.

What if I were here on a trip w them sec gang and poly fags. I dont know (forever don’t know) why I’m thinking this way!
Super excited thinking about Brisbane trip! But then again and again I don’t wish for 3.1 to end just yet!!

Soz! Met cuzzies just now. More like BUMPED into them.
I can’t stop doing what I’m doing.

Oh oh shopped a lot btw. 300rm gone for me in 2 hours. The sales are unbelievable.

Excuses. I just need this therapy. Gets my mind of loads crap.

What to do next? ⛄