My elbow swelled. My shin got baluku. My forehead got better!

by limmie

As much as I try to get to bed early, I end up sleeping late. Thanks to WordPress and twitter and Draw Something and HIMYM.

secretly blames dad for them causes. He had a choice on how to react, and yet.

Watched the last part of Unriddle 2 and DAMN. Of all parts. That old man had to die. I think I really have soft spots for pitiful old man.

Sad for me, imma need repeat lesson 1.03 again, when I just had so much confidence that I could pass. At this rate, I’ll probably be spending 1.6k on driving, that is if I pass on my first try. YOY SO EX. YOY I NEH PASS.

Okay hectic like really busy day tmr!
Bluddy need go BBDC to topup else I can’t book lesson all because I forgot my account was empty. DAAAAAARNIT.

Excited for next week too! Some trips and a camp! Meanwhile imma try working hard on sis’s skates WHILE SHE IS AWAY FOR CAMP. Boohoo empty dark room for two nights!

Swim swim swim tmr! Sherilyn attempts to swim!