Light, No camera, All actions!

by limmie

I’m feeling mildly more sane right now!
Woke up unwillingly yesterday to a dreadful weather. With a change in plans, we changed bck our plans and headed to ECP FUNFUNFUN!

While on the bus ride , HOLYOMGSHEETZ MY FRIEND ACTUALLY SKATEBOARDS TO. Idk how good is Darrell BUT SOMEONE ELSE SKATES TOO. Forvever not alone anymore! Hope Starr learns some tricks or sth soon! Then she gotta teach me!

So just 15 mins into cycling, CG braked, Darrell and Mine double bike crashed into him. CG scratched his leg, Darrell seemed to have injured his thigh, while theres this hard bruise on my elbow, scratches on my knee and this reddish bump on my head. Which just stared to hurt.

Eye opening experience trying out this bike for the first time. IT WAS FUN THRILLING BUT SCARY. Then midway while swop ping bikes w XY, the tires punctured. I AM SERIOUSLY REQUIRED TO LOSE SOME FATS I ASSUME! Funny statement when the uncle said he was calling me back to exchange my flattened tire while I simply rode off blurly!

We went for some pool where again I failed badly, fed happily. Dinner at Sunshine plaza was a first!

Still, I enjoyed yesterday much until night fall.
Impromptu family conference called upon by the Mistress of the House. Initially it was calm and people were all talking. Then just as it was nearing the end, shouts and some tears and yelling started and No, it wasn’t a good end.

Thus my pretty much falling mood towards the night and ridiculous sense of jealousy.

I’m hungry and it’s lunchtime and I’m required for round two of lesson two. Someone get me an iced cold beer as bread. Sherilyn noms offfff