Staring at the Kanda and Lavi on my wall and simply stoning.

by limmie

One quick post before I ORHORH. 0017.

Had a loooooooooooooooooong chat w Prashan. Funny thing was the topic we were on. Some guys can tank and find it okay w “very open-minded” girls while most guys I know aren’t really comfortable w it and don’t really seem to like girls being on “certain topic”. REAL OR NOT REAL?

Again. This really depends on individual. Soz. Just saying I can’t take a liking to ‘traditional’ guys. Ask me my definition on Traditional if you’re gonna start w the hates!

Itsh was a Sunday and the entire day was ruined till night where everyone was left on their own. (Someone ran off before dinner. Wtheck childish shit Really.)

And DRAW SOMETHING is addictive. Play w SHERU please!

Some cycling tomorrow and more swimming this week! And work. And vroomvroom.

Everyone haz raging hormones problem. Real or not real?